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Created by Team Totes Profesh for Tasjam 2015

When we considered the theme of voices, who else might come to our mind but one of the greatest voices of all. The voice of Morgan Freeman. Incorporating the second theme keyword of access, we have built a game all about fans getting access to Morgan's dulcet tones.

The Greatest Voice of All is a top down survival game in which the player acts as Morgan Freeman, avoiding a stampede of fans. The player can then project their voice out to the fans to soothe them and send them away.

Navigation (Up, Down, Left, Right) = Arrow keys

Charge up voice = Hold left mouse button (Release the LMB to send your calming vocalisations unto the earholes of approaching fans)

Extra info and thanks:
We used Stencyl to build our game, Piskel to create our character sprites and the Novation Launchpad iPhone app to create our own backing music.

We used ZeFrank's "True Facts About Morgan Freeman" for Freeman's soothing sound clips.

We also utilised two assets from the StencylForge library: "Follow Behaviour" by Juan Bautista Nemi and "High Score Table" by Sdieters.

A special thanks to Morgan Freeman for having such a wonderful voice.

World leader board:

??? - Morgan

173 - Sam

159 - Harry

157 - James

(Send a screenshot of your highscore to natbott97@gmail.com to get on the leaderboard)